Filet mignon

Filet Mignon

Filet mignon a dish present in a variety of social events as chosen from the main menu, whether it is a wedding, birthday, family reunions, publicity events, gala events, and even a simple dinner for two is common the presence of this dish, that’s why we have included you in our menu to bring this rich and gourmet menu to enjoy your family or social meeting and within your pocket.
Filet mignon for executive meetings or office groups is a fantastic option to taste a good filet of meat of first, soft, juicy and with a special flavor at a very moderate price for the enjoyment of many in a lunch or dinner in the office without having to go to a gourmet gala. Filet de mignon a dish that can be accompanied by steamed potatoes, mashed potatoes, bacon potatoes, salad, or some vegetables, can also be accompanied by rice.

Filet de mignon this cut is so soft, that it should not be cooked beyond the average to preserve the juice of the meat so if you want to try if this list does not have to cut the meat you should only introduce a knife for example if it comes out very wet or with very small chips of meat is not yet to leave more or less wet for your ideal cooking term, of course this test depends a lot on the taste of each person.

Try Fillet mignon that is served for your catering or event and satisfy the paladar of your special guests no matter the size or magnitude of your event, from family reunion or friends to a great gala our price is accommodated to your budget by number of guests, in fact already the initial price is very moderate for any pocket or budget.


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